2020 ISMRM Merit Award (Summa Cum Laude)

"Deep Model-based MR Parameter Mapping Network (DOPAMINE) for Fast MR Reconstruction"

- Yohan Jun, Ph.D. Candidate


Top Downloaded Paper (2018-2019) in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

- Paper: KIKI-net: Cross-Domain Convolutional Neural Networks for Reconstructing Undersampled Magnetic Resonance Images


MAI-LAB won '4th place' in fastMRI Challenge (Single-Coil Challenge Track)

by Facebook AI Research and NYU Langone Health

Team: 'Samoyed' (Hyungseob Shin, Yohan Jun)


The Poster Award of Second Place (Silver)

Presented at the ISMRM Workshop on Data Sampling & Image Reconstruction

- Yohan Jun, Ph.D. Candidate


​The pride of Yonsei, 
Bong Joon Ho wins Oscar 2020!


Participation prize in the 2019 Samsung Humantech Paper Award

Yohan Jun, Hyungseob Shin, Taejoon Eo, Taeseong Kim, Ph.D. Candidate

2020.01.26 ~ 29

ISMRM 2020 Workshop on Data Sampling and Image Reconstruction

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